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Gavin Dursley
I passed my first test in Transfiguration! When I wrote home about it, I had to explain what Transfiguration is. Better'n Potions, is what it is.

I have to write fourteen inches for Astronomy for "cheek and impropriety." I wasn't cheeky! I only laughed at "Uranus"!
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So I was Sorted into Gryffindor House. I like the colors, I guess, but I don't quite get the name. Lions are great and all, but isn't there something called a griffin?

Everything's so grand. I never expected magic could do so much. And the staircase moved while I was on it! I nearly fell off!

There's a girl named Lily in my House who said she's going to tell me all about this wizarding sport, Quidditch. Which is great, because I don't know what I'll do without football. And my comics, which are all at home.

My bed here is nicer than my one at home! I can't wait to write Mum and Dad and tell them everything. But...how do I get my letter sent? I've seen some people have owls, and that man said that's how post is delivered, but I haven't got one of my own. Dad didn't seem keen on one. I never knew it, but I guess he really doesn't like owls.
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Dad, Mum and I went to London today to get my things. Mum was really glad for a trip into town, but when we got to Diagon Alley, Dad had this funny look on his face, like he'd swallowed a football or something (or one of Aunt Marge's punch glasses). But when we got there, it was absolutely brilliant! They really do ride on brooms, just like that man said, and they even had a WHOLE STORE that sold stuff for broom sports. Something called Quidditch, and it looks really exciting. And I had to get a cauldron and gloves made from dragon hide (I don't know if I buy yet that dragons exist) and the robes (which Dad says I'm not to wear at home), and a wand, which was the most fantastic thing ever. I blew up a flower pot!

My books are so heavy, I don't see how anyone could carry them. They're for things like Potions and Charms and something called Transfiguration, and I've got no clue what that is, but it has to be better than doing figures. Anything is better than doing figures.

I kind of wish I could tell Tom and Laurence and the boys about it, but that man said I mustn't, and Dad said we're to give out that I'm going to a boarding school up north (that man said that Hogwarts is up north anyways, so it's not really a lie, is it? Mum hates lying). That's really the only downside. I wish they could come with me.
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