Gavin Dursley (magical_dursley) wrote,
Gavin Dursley


So I was Sorted into Gryffindor House. I like the colors, I guess, but I don't quite get the name. Lions are great and all, but isn't there something called a griffin?

Everything's so grand. I never expected magic could do so much. And the staircase moved while I was on it! I nearly fell off!

There's a girl named Lily in my House who said she's going to tell me all about this wizarding sport, Quidditch. Which is great, because I don't know what I'll do without football. And my comics, which are all at home.

My bed here is nicer than my one at home! I can't wait to write Mum and Dad and tell them everything. do I get my letter sent? I've seen some people have owls, and that man said that's how post is delivered, but I haven't got one of my own. Dad didn't seem keen on one. I never knew it, but I guess he really doesn't like owls.
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You like comics, do you? I have a few, but I'm afraid they're a bit old.

The school has a load of owls you can use. Just tell them where to go and they'll take your letter.
I have four boxes-ful just under my bed. Some of them had to be moved into the basement. My mum has promised not to let my dad toss them while I'm away.

Where can I find school owls?
The owls stay in the owlery. Do you know where that is? Just follow your nose; it's easy to find that way. Hundreds of owls in one place.
Do you mean literally follow my nose? Does it smell that bad?
I'm kidding. Well, I've been able to do it, but I don't expect you to from too far away. You should probably get someone to show you how to get there.
Okay, thanks.
No problem.

Do you know anyone to take you?
Er, no.
I'll take you, then. Meet me in the common room after classes. You can't miss me.


9 years ago

Quiddich is the best sport ever invented. I would suggest coming and watching the tryouts and practices so you can get an idea for the game.
When are try-outs?

Next week, after classes are over.

It's my name, do you have a problem with it?
No, it's just a, um, different name.
His father is a little off if you ask me. The whole family's got different names.

No offense, Scorpio!
Are you enjoying school so far? :)
It's brilliant!

Er, who are you?
I'm Rose Weasley. Pleased to meet you.
Gavin Dursley.
Glad you're getting settled in. Sorry no one warned you about the staircases, but don't feel too bad. According to my dad his godfather took a tumble off of the stairs when he was in his sixth year. Just remember, we're magic, so we bounce.
I don't feel bad about it! But is there anything else I should be warned about? Giant squids and man-eating plants, maybe?
Well, obviously you've been informed of the giant squid and man-eating plants, so just as long as you know about the ghosts, merpeople, Filch, the secret passages, the huge abandoned chamber under the school and the Whomping Willow, you're good!
What, are there vampires and werewolves, too?
Merlin's beard, I forgot how woefully uninformed Muggle-borns are. Not that it's your fault!

But yes, there are vampires and werewolves. You know Teddy, the boy with the blue hair? His dad was a werewolf and his mum was a metamorphmagus, which means she could change anything about her physical appearance at will. It also means that Teddy is pretty much the coolest guy ever.
He's half-werewolf? That's...

Such a compliment!