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magical_dursley's Journal

Gavin Dursley
17 May
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Gavin is the only child of Dudley and Mariah Dursley, the grandson of Vernon and Petunia, and, unknowingly, the second cousin of Harry Potter. It came as a shock to his family when his letter came, although Gavin was excited (at first he thought it was a very brilliant prank, but he was especially thrilled once a visit from a school representative made it clear to him that magic was, indeed, quite real).

Gavin was raised under a slightly less unfriendly environment than his father. Although doted upon most thoroughly by both his parents, Mariah is a kind woman and Dudley has learned to be a disciplinarian when needed. He has not been told about any of his wizarding relatives, but he has been shielded from a great deal of his grandfather's outrage (which has been significantly calmed through the combined efforts of Petunia, Dudley and Mariah).

Gavin Dursley is an original character for the Harry Potter RPG nextgenrp. He is played by hikari_cyhan, and his PB is Thomas Sangster.